What We Do


Research & Insights

We provide custom consumer research services. Our team has many years of experience conducting research and in depth insights on customers in many sectors ranging from automotive, food, restaurant, and retail to B2B sector.

We help our clients understand their customers better, make decisions based on insights and introduce products that fit their customer’s needs and wants.

Nowadays, businesses have almost no chance to grow further without a strong presence in social media.

Build brand awareness, reach new audiences, grow sales, join in the conversation about your brand and promote your services.

We create social media plans for our clients and implement it to help them reach higher levels of success.




Graphic & Digital Design

From print to all range of digital design. We unify your brand identity online and offline.

We are here to create stunning designs that are attracted to your target audiences.

Food, jewelry, fashion and product photography/ videography are the main core of our specialty. We create content our clients are always proud to use in the digital world.



BRANDi is here to give your brand a strong identity in every customer touch point. Branding is not just a logo. It is your business identity, elements, voice tone, visual identity online and offline.


Designs communicate your brand to your audiences. We are experts in creating designs that are not only creative but also part of your strategy. We create designs that send marketing messages in a way that attracts customers to you.


Vision, goals, strategy and actions are the guides we use before we implement your plan and take it to the next level.

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